Ahmet Pandır

Company: FTI Group, MP Hotels & Resorts
Title: Country General Manager
Date / Time: 20.02.2019
Hall: Speakers’ Corner
Subject: Destination Marketing

After completing his education in Sweden, he started working in Stockholm and London as an investment analyst at Morningstar, which is a leading Chicago-based mutual fund rating company. After taking up various roles at Morningstar, he became the founding partner of the Istanbul office for CB’a Design Solutions which is a leading innovative design agency from France in 2004. Pandır, who became the founding partner of GASTE which is Turkey’s first daily newspaper free of charge in 2008, started working as a senior executive in tourism sector in 2009 and played roles in the foundation of various companies in the sector. He served as a global CEO and in other roles at Meeting Point and MP Hotels, affiliates to FTI Group which is the fourth biggest tourism group in Europe. Pandir has been actively developing destinations since 2011 together with FTI Group around the world.