Alper Afşin Özdemir

Company: Turkey E-Sports Federation (TESFED) 
Position: President
Date / Time: 21.02.2019
Hall: Speakers’ Corner

Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Turkey E-Sports Federation

Graduated from Koç University, Department of Economics.

In March 2011, he and Hakan Baş took a step in the digital marketing field under the brand name Krombera. Kromberk to, Wired UK Hottest Startups 2 consecutive times by the success of Europe and the TOBB is the only agency in the list of Turkey’s top 100 fastest growing companies showed the success of entering between. Together with Hakan Baş in 2013, Krombera’ya introduced 2 more sister companies. Aniber Animation Agency and Turkey’s first animated feature film ‘was Evliya Çelebi and Immortality Water of the maker. Aniber to creating a brand, especially the correct path continues to be one of Turkey’s leading animation studios. Berabera Communications Agency continues to serve many national and international brands.

In addition to the Agency’s structuring, Özdemir is the investor of different companies including Kripton and Bitlo. He is also a member of the Endeavor Advisory Board and the father of one child.