Exhibition Date

20-22 February 2019

Exhibition Venue

Istanbul Congress Center – ICC / Istanbul

Show Dates & Times

  • 20 February 2019,  Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00
  • 21 February 2019, Thursday 10:00 – 17:30
  • 22 February 2019, Friday 10:00 – 17:30

Registration Desk

Registration procedures are going to be performed on registration desk on B0 floor at ICC. Registration desk is going to provide service to all visitors and participants during 3 days.

Registration opening: 20th February 2019 / 10:00 am

Official Language

Offical language of the sessions will be Turkish and English. Simultaneous translation is going to be provided during all the sessions.

Name Badge and Exhibition Catalogue

Name badges of visitors, participants and hosted buyers are going to be given on B0 floor at the main entrance of ICC. It is obligatory that all the participants and visitors must carry their badges before entering the exhibition center, sessions and social activities. If name tag is lost, you should apply to the Registration Desk.

Exhibition catalogue which includes detailed information about exhibitors is going to be distinguished from the registration desk.

Exhibition Area

In Istanbul Congress Center – ICC , the exhibition area will be open during the exhibition. The info desk is going to be set to meet the exhibitor’s needs in the area.

B2B Appointment System

All the appointments will be held in the exhibitor’s stand. Regarding B2B system your password and technical details will be announced on AME website and will be sent to your e-mail address.

Hosted Buyer Lounge

Hosted Buyer Lounge will be open to all hosted buyers for being able to relax at their free time period. At the entrance, the badges are going to be controlled on barcode system.

Internet Cafe

There is going to be an internet cafe area that visitors and participants can benefit free of charge during the exhibition.

Catering Service

Catering service will be provided on the catering areas which will be set as cash bars on specific points of the exhibition area.

Press Center

Press center is going to be open to all local and foreign press members. At the entrance,the badges are going to be controlled on barcode system.

Bank, Exchange Foreign Currency and Post Office

The official currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL). Foreign money can be changed by banks during working days (09.00- 17.30 Monday – Friday) as well as hotels, exchange offices. Exchange rates are set daily by the Central Bank. All major credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, restaurants and shops. Exchange offices and ATM machines are available all around the city and at both airports. It is advised to exchange money in banks, exchange offices or hotel receptions.


The electric current is 220V AC with a frequency of 50 Hertz. European standard plugs with two round pins are used. British and USA appliances need an adaptor.

Local Time

The time in Turkey is 2 hours + GMT (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time).

Mobile Phone

There are 3 GSM operators in Turkey being as Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone. All of them are daughters or partners of international companies and have roaming agreements with network operators of all participating countries. There are two wave bands for mobile phones in Turkey: 900 and 1800 MHz. Please check with your provider regarding roaming costs and wave bands. Local GSM operators have prepaid lines, which can be provided at newspaper booths and groceries. Please check that the prepaid cards are in accordance with your line. Additionally, there will be renting possibilities of mobile phones with lines.

Health Services

Cities and major touristic towns have a selection of private inter¬national and public hospitals with good standards.

Passports & Visas

Passport and visa requirements may differ according to the country of origin. Please contact Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country for further advice. Please log on to http://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/tr/en/start.aspx


For gourmets, this will be an outstanding opportunity to taste various examples of Turkish, European, Asian and international cuisine in İstanbul.


Most shops in İstanbul are generally open from 09:00 to 19:00, Monday to Saturday. Big shopping centers are open every day of the week, usually from 10:00 to 22:00. In all shopping centers major credit cards are accepted and tax-free shopping is possible. You will also have the chance to do shopping in the historical Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, which are located in the Old City district.


Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. At the time you register for the Congress and book your travel you may wish to take an insurance policy of your choice. This insurance is to be purchased in your country of origin.

Average Weather Conditions

>Average Sunlight (hours) Temperature Discomfort from heat and humidity Relative humidity >Average Precipitation (mm) Wet Days (+0.25 mm)
Average Record
Min Max Min Max am pm
Jan 3 3 8 -8 19 82 75 109 18
Feb 4 2 9 -8 22 82 72 92 14
March 4 3 11 -6 28 81 67 72 14
April 6 7 16 -1 30 81 62 46 9
May 9 12 21 3 35 82 61 38 8
June 11 16 25 8 37 Moderate 79 58 34 6
July 12 18 28 9 38 Medium 79 56 34 4
Aug 11 19 28 11 41 Medium 79 55 30 4
Sept 8 16 24 6 38 Moderate 81 59 58 7
Oct 6 13 20 1 33 83 64 81 11
Nov 4 9 15 -4 27 82 71 103 14
Dec 3 5 11 -9 23 82 74 119 18

Airport İstanbul Atatürk International Airport

34149 Yeşilköy, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : +90 212 465 55 55
Fax : +90 212 465 50 50
e-mail: info@tav.aero

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is located 24 km southeast of Istanbul. You can use airport buses (Havatas), bus, taxi, subway or private transfer to go to the city.

Airport Shuttle (HAVATAS)

Buses run every 30 minutes daily to and from Taksim (city centre) for 11 ₺ (€ 4 approx.). For detailed information: www.havatas.com


There is an underground station at the airport and you can go to the city centre with 2 train changes for approx. 5 TL. (approx. € 1,8)

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

34912 Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone : +90 216 585 50 00
Fax : +90 216 585 51 14
e-mail : heas@sgairport.com

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is located at the Asian coast of Istanbul. It is located 50 km southeast of the city center.

Airport Shuttle (HAVATAS)

Buses run every 30 minutes daily to and from Taksim (city centre) for 14 ₺ (€ 4 approx.). For detailed information: www.havatas.com


Public transportation (IETT) departs from Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) to city centre. For detailed information: www.sgairport.com/sabiha-gokcen-airport/airport-transportation


Available at taxi stands or can be hailed on the street. All are yellow and have meters.

Tourist Information

For tourist information about Istanbul and Turkey, please visit the website: www.tourismturkey.org