21 February 2018, Wednesday

10.00-11.00 Official Opening & Press Conference  //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

11.00-12.00 Strategic Meeting Management Framework, Müge Özdemir, Customer Events & Engagement Lead, Pfizer Europe Clusters // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

Strategic Meeting Management Program  is the disciplined approach to managing enterprise-wide meeting and event related processes, activities, metrics, standards and supplier strategies to achieve business objectives, quantitative cost savings, risk mitigation and optimal service levels.

Who wouldn’t want that… right? But how do you deliver it? What should be our approach? What kind of challenges we may expect? What would be the benefits?

You will try to find answers to these questions….

13.30-14.30 Rajeev Kohli, Rajeev Kohli, CIS, Joint Managing Director, Creative Travel Pvt. and SITE Past President/Collaborating, Coexisting and Prosperity – How to Be Successful in Tough Times // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

Many destination sin the world are going through tough times in the tourism industry and Turkey is no different. But how you react in such times is what makes the difference. Rajeev Kohli comes from India, a country that has gone through many turbulent periods. He will share thoughts on how an industry can cooperate domestically and internationally for opportunities for the Turkish MICE industry and how a focus on the next generation will lay a foundation for the future. He will also share some latest trends from SITE’s 2018 Index.
13.30-15.30 Event – Entertainment – Experience, Mat Johnson, Live Experience Strategist & Owner of White Fox Consultancy & Bora Aksoylu, Experience Marketing Consultant & Arkın Celik, MC – Sponsored by ICVB/Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau) //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

With the expansive reach of information in this digital era attendants are not culturally limited to their country of origin alone. Today, events all over the world provide individuals as well as brands a global experience as a result of this paradigm shift. Mat Johnson is a master of transforming innovation and uniqueness from brand values to human experience by way of events he masterminded all around the world for NIKE and more. He identifies the solution to cross the ever blurry lines that separate countries or cities through ‘evolution that adapts fast’, ‘trusting in our own intuition’ in novel situations where there are no precedents, ‘confidence in your team as much as yourself while taking risks’ as well as having a ‘vision for the potential that the future holds’.
Bora Aksoylu, former Red Bull and NIKE Turkey Event Manager who has created, curated and executed groundbreaking ideas as well as first of its kind events both nationally and internationally will handle cases from around the world comparatively in accordance with local dynamics of application vs global vision through a concept he calls the “E3 / Event – Entertainment – Experience” and provide insights on how to apply a global mindset in our local applications throughout a dialogue that focuses on:

“Providing maximised immersive experiences while events expand and evolve in reach and content.”
Hosted and moderated by the co-creator of  “E3 / Event – Entertainment – Experience” concept Arkın Çelik, the dialogue intends to turn philosophy into action by inspiring ways to lay down the groundwork for this concept to be applied in order for rapid, effective and sustainable transformation of values into experience.

14.45-15.45 ICCA Session: Senthil Gopinath, Regional Director for Middle East Moderated by Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu, ICCA Regional Director for Europe // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

  • Benefits of joining an International Association in a collaborative economy
  • Middle East as an Emerging Market


15.45-16.45 Valerio Festi, Festi Group-Founder / The Dramaturgy Applied To The Progress Of Technical Research In The World Of The Events //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

18.00-20.00 Dinner with Bosphorus Boat Tour ***

22 February 2018, Thursday

11.00-12.15 The Top Disruptive Technology Trends Transforming the Events and Tradeshow   Industries, Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES, Owner, Corbin Ball & Co. //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

Technology will likely change events more in the next five years than it has in the past fifteen! This interactive and information-packed session will cover the major technology trends creating these changes and what you can do to prepare for them.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand the important technology trends including the internet of things, virtual/augmented reality,  location-based technology, wearable computing and more.
  • Receive lots of links, apps, and ideas that you can put to use immediately.
  • Learn steps to prepare for these changes to be able to work more efficiently and effectively.


11.00-12.00 Diji MICE // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

The digital leaders of Turkey are meeting in the #DijiMICE session for the second tim! Moderated by Yaprak Yapsan, Idecon Founder and Director

13.30-14.30 Event Technology Trends, Dr. James Morgan, Event Tech Lab & University of Westminster //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

The event technology landscape is changing day by day, with exciting new products being offered to meetings and event planners. There are all sorts of options to choose from – but what is new and exciting? This multi-media session explores new logistics and production management technology for better work efficiency, technology to market and manage your events more successfully as well as technology to enhance attendee engagement with your clients’ content.

13.30-14.30 Mine Kalpakçıoğlu, T.I.M.E. PR, General Manager // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

14.45-15.45 Tools To Add Value To Your Clients And Events Without Losing The Human Touch, John Martinez, CEO&Founder, Shocklogic //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

Looking to enhance the relationship with your clients and your attendees, and keep them engaged? Wondering what technology to use? Worried about money? There’s free stuff out there – so why not use it! This session will cover different apps and software solutions that will help you to achieve what you need, including Evernote, Trello, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Zoom, Whatsapp, Apple Wallet/Android Passbook, Toggl and Slack. Learn how to integrate these apps to streamline your processes, deliver great results, and achieve high ROI.

14.45-15.45 Skill Development Workshop, Leveraging Social Media for Travel-Trade/MICE Industry, Daksh Sharma, Managing Director, TravHQ Media & Iffort  // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR

Outline of Workshop


  1. How to promote and position travel-agency via social media – Platforms/Tools etc.
  2. How to leverage content marketing to promote destinations
  3. How we use travel-tech such as 360 degree videos, virtual reality etc. to promote destinations, hotels etc.
  4. How to actively engage with social media influencers

16.00-17.00   Rise Against Time, Ali Yücel & Gizem Yücel, Dr., Arkadyas //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

Is time manageable? Or the technology is the way to manage time? We know the answer is yes, and we want to share the secret with you.

Almost every day, we all complain about the inadequacy of time and feel anxious how fast time flies. While the second generation is taking over the responsibility of Arcadias, both generations collaborate against the head-spinning speed of time.

What did we do right at the right time to improve the right software and technology?

Last call for Turkey to catch up with the digital era and to be one of the most important players in the digital world. The destiny of each country will be determined by the power of its digital brands. We will share “the Arcadian experience” we had in Serbia and the Balkans and the fresh-from-the-oven UK and Europe adventures. 100% true story with -hopefully- humorous moments.

16.00-17.00   Industry Best Practices for Green Meetings and Sustainability, Shekar Grover, Editor and CEO – MICE INDIA // SPEAKER’S CORNER – B5 FLOOR


  1. Shift from Conventional sustainability initiatives to Out-of-box ideas
    2. Global Best Practices – Case Studies

17.30-00.00 AMEzing Party**** // DOME TENT (At the front yard of Istanbul Congress Center-ICC)

The year’s most promising part will be organized in a DOME tent with 360 vide mapping shows, DJ, live music performances and dancers from Ukraine.

23 February 2018, Friday

11.00-14.00 UNICEO Education Programme for Senior Corporate: Measurement – Use of Digital – Innovation – Security – Integration of New Generations //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

13.15-14.15 China Outbound Travel and MICE Market for Turkey, Dr. Marcus Lee, Managing Director, CEO ASIA Business Travel & MICE  //  MAIN SESSION HALL – B4 Floor Part A

– Factors that influence Chinese corporate select destinations

– Top Destinations for China Outbound MICE and Business Travel Market

– How to attract China MICE market effectively
** Complimentary for exhibitors, hosted buyers and speakers. The tickets can be purchsed for 500 ₺ from biletix.com

*** Only for exhibitors, foreign hosted buyers and foreign speakers