İ. Halil Korkmaz

Company: İSTTA
Title: President
Date / Time: 20.02.2019
Hall: Speakers’ Corner
Subject: Destination Marketing

İbrahim Halil Korkmaz, who took part in the implementation of various projects regarding the promotion of Turkey as a touristic destination and regarding the development of tourism, is the chairperson of the Board of IHK Holding, which is actively operating in the field of renewable energy and museum stores.

Korkmaz, who has played an active role in bringing tourists to our country as a tour operator working in Russia between 1994 and 2011; has implemented tourism campaigns at 15 destinations of Turkey by the advertising agency he became the partner of.

İbrahim Halil Korkmaz, who has been working in different fields of the tourism sector for more than 25 years, is the CEO of the Anatolian Cultural Entrepreneurship, which is the operator of the museum stores chain, located in the museums and archaeological sites of Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Korkmaz is also the chairperson of Board of Molton Hotels, which is the sole operator company preferred by Marriott Hotels as having the authorized certification of operation.

He continues to work with the Istanbul Tourism Association, of which he is the founder and chairperson, by utilizing his experiences on destination management with the aim of promoting Istanbul as one of the most important cities of the world in tourism.

Korkmaz has an active role in benefit oriented social studies as being a board member of Turkey’s National Paralympic Committee Association and a member of the trustee board of Turkey Disabled Persons Sport Aid and Education Organization and is contributing to the studies conducted for persons with disadvantages.

Korkmaz, who was born in 1970, speaks Russian and English fluently. He is married with three daughters.