How do I get an appointment?

By using B2B Online System Hosted Buyers can filter exhibitors they wish to meet and send meeting request for a time slot preferred.
All B2B meetings will take place at the exhibitors’ stands on the show floor and each slot takes 20 minutes.
Hosted Buyers will have password to enter into “B2B Online System” through
Exhibitors can be sorted alphabetically, according to their countries, categories and in many different ways.

How many B2B meetings can I hold?

Hosted buyers are required to hold at least 10 B2B meetings per day. However, most buyers make much more than this number. The duration of each slot is 20 minutes and there is 10 minutes break after each slot.

How does B2B Online System work?

  • Once you’ve been approved as a Hosted Buyer, you’ll receive log-in details for B2B Online System which allows you to access your personal Hosted Buyer portal from AME website. Your online diary is going to be activated 4 weeks prior to the show.
  • You may find exhibitors that you are interested in by using Exhibitor List which allows you to search them according to the name, countries and categories.
  • When you find an exhibitor you would like to meet, click on “Arrange an Appointment” button in order to view the time slots available. After selecting preferred date and time the appointment request will be pending for acceptance by related exhibitor. If your request is accepted, the B2B meeting is added to your and the exhibitor’s online diary both. An information e-mail will be sent daily to Hosted Buyers to alert them in order to set and/or cancel the appointment requests.
  • Once a B2B meeting has been arranged, exhibitors and buyers can send messages mutually via B2B Online System.
  • On the other hand exhibitors will also be able to send appointment request to Hosted Buyers. As long as you don’t accept or refuse the relevant request by entering into online system, the request will continue to display as pending.
  • Both Hosted Buyers and exhibitors can make their time slots available or unavailable through online diary.
  • Hosted Buyers and exhibitors can save the list of B2B meetings as Excel file and print whenever they want.