Sumaira Kamran Isaacs – MCI Group, COO – IMEA

“I was pleasantly surprised at how slick and sharp this show was for a first time show. I have no doubt this will become THE platform for MICE industry in Turkey. For any serious international player interested in this market, it is a “must”‎ stop. For MCI it certainly it is.”

Ric Birch – Spectak International CEO

“The inaugural ACE of M.I.C.E. was a very well organized event and I was particularly impressed by the range and quality of the exhibitor’s booths and displays.  There is no doubt that this convention will become an essential date on the calendars of everyone in the M.I.C.E. business, not only in Turkey but for international companies as well.”

Martin Sirk – ICCA CEO

“I was delighted to speak at this year’s ACE of MICE event in Istanbul, talking about strategic issues in the healthcare and pharmACEutical events sector, and about destination competitiveness.  It was a well organized event, and clearly there is enormous demand from the Turkish meetings sector for both education and new business opportunities.  ICCA is bringing its Congress to Turkey this year, meeting 1-5 November in Antalya, so for us this was a wonderful opportunity to promote the fact that 1,000 of the world’s leading experts in the meetings industry will be coming to this part of the world, to encourage the h3est possible local participation.”

Andrea Roig – Bedouk Director of Sales

“I was really amazed by this first edition of ACE of MICE with a great amount of exhibitors and qualified buyers. It was a pleasure for me to share my experience through one of the conference sessions. Turkey is a huge market with a lot of potential and Bedouk is proud to support this event.”

Lionel Serik – Mash Media Mash Media Group Intl Sales Manager

“As an international media representative that regularly attends many trade shows, conferences & exhibitions around the world, I have to both congratulate you sincerely & to thank you for having put together a simply amazing MICE event in Istanbul. Further more, as this was the very first event of its kind in Turkey, I double the congratulations to all the team. In conclusion, as this event is called the ACE of M.I.C.E., I will say “bravo” & gladly add that you guys are the AS of M.I.C.E & to that I’ll say “chapeau”!

Salman Edroos – Hilton Worldwide International Sales Manager

“The arrangements were perfect for the hosted buyers everything was very well considered and planned accordingly, I had a chance to speak to many hosted buyers in the show and every one had smiles on their fACE.We had good time to meet the exhibitors and discuss serious business, there was good choice of exhibitors and senor management from various organizations. In a Nut Shell “ Great Show & Great People”

YUSUF ÇAVDAR – General Manager of ICC

“Representatives and stakholders of organizations which accelerate the industry came together in Congress, Meeting and Event Industry Fair. I want to state that we are quite pleased to host the first “Congress, Meeting and Event Industry” of Turkey, organized by Turizm Medya Grubu well known for their innovative attempts and firsts it brought to the industry, on my and my team’s behalf. Held between February 27 – March 1 in Istanbul Convention Center, ACE of M.I.C.E. Fair and Summit was carried out in an area of total 14.000 m2. Visitors of the fair were received with the most professional buyer – service provider appointment system in Turkey known as B2B (Business to Business) system. Leading local and international representatives of the industry such as Martin Sirk – CEO of ICCA and Paul Miller – General Manager of SITE Global were received in addition to the seminars and panels held about event management and marketing communications. Turkish M.I.C.E. industry analysis and global opportunities were discussed and information about industry’s innovations was shared efficiently. Leaders of congress, meeting and event industry, who participated in the M.I.C.E. Summit “Mice Actors on Stage” panel, which was held on the last day of the fair and of which I was the moderator, discussed what must be done to make Turkey the center of world’s congress, meeting and event; in this context, I believe that the fair was efficient for the industry. Thanks.”

HANDAN BOYCE – General Manager of Halic Congress Center

“I sincerely congratulate the entire team of Turizm Medya Grubu, all supporting organizations and institutions, and particularly Mr. Volkan Ataman who gave ACE of M.I.C.E. Fair to our industry. I think this fair created an important synergy by bringing all stakeholders of the industry together and gave the first signals that Istanbul will have a really international event. I mentioned that it is the most important factor for the sustainability of this fair to ensure correct “Buyers-Customer” profile and potential in our various discussions with Mr. Volkan. When considered from this point of view, we saw with great pleasure that we moved forward considerably and it will create an important potential for the industry in the next events with certain improvements. Continuity of this success will enable us as Istanbul to host a fair to compete with international fairs such as IMEX and EIBTM. I want to personally thank Turizm Medya Grubu that has this vision, fair participants, sponsors, all speakers who supported training program for their considerable contribution and supports to the success of ACE of M.I.C.E., an important progress for our industry. We have seen how important it is to collaborate to succeed and for better days once again, thank you everyone.”

NESRİN GÜLEY – THY Group & Conventions Manager

“It is exciting and promising for us that Istanbul, which has become an important brand in world’s meeting industry, hosts an international fair for meeting/congress industry carried out for the first time, and Turkish Airlines A.O. is the Official Airlines of the event. We think that ACE of MICE took an important step to be among other international industry fairs and become a brand, and we congratulate you.”


“Congress and meeting industry in our country and Istanbul in particular has made considerable progress in the last decade. While Istanbul is among the first 10 congress cities of the world, it preserved the first place in the world in 2011 and 2012 in congresses with 500 and more participants. Along with the success of our destinations in international market, our industrial professionals, congress organizers, service providers have started to play efficient roles in international markets. I believe that it was the time and quite necessary to carry out an international congress and meeting fair in Istanbul within all these developments. ACE of MICE fair made a successful start and brought important players of the industry together. It created opportunities for foreign hosted buyers to be received in Istanbul and as ICVB, we were pleased to contribute to the hosted buyer prgoram with THY. I believe that the fair created an important opportunity to invite potential customers from new markets to our country and I think that our mutual works with ACE of MICE will increase for the upcoming years in this context. The fair brought an important mission in terms of presenting Istanbul’s and our industry’s potential and experience with the events. I congratulate and wish a continued success to Turizm Medya Grubu”

SERPİL KÖSE ONARAN – ROCHE Congress and Event Manager

What matters here is that all the shareholders were brought together to create a synergy. The attendance performance of this first exhibition is far beyond expectations. I believe it will continue to expand and ultimately make great contributions for the sector, for Turkey and for Istanbul. In my opinion, the biggest outcome of this exhibition is that it will provide us with the opportunity to promote our country, especially to foreign visitors, by creating an event that brings all these companies together, represents Turkey and shows what can be achieved in the industry.

TAMARA TARHAN – Sales Manager of Dedeman Hotel

“It was quite a professional fair. B2B appointments were so efficient. As Dedeman group, we are already working and in contact with many companies and agencies based in Turkey. Participants from abroad were useful accounts that we desired to contact. There was not even one single empty appointment and meeting. We received serious returns with serious works particularly to our Dedeman Istanbul, Bostanci, Konya, Gaziantep and Zonguldak Hotels. In this fair, I saw many professionals from tourism industry that I have been in for many years. Interest and attention were quite promising and proud. It was very important that participants from abroad see this professionalism. I hope we will have many more nice organizations all together.”

NAFİ PİNHAS – General Manager of Alcoholoco

“ACE of M.I.C.E. 2014 fair attracted attention as a successful and functional fair for event industry. It served its purpose and a quality organization was carried out because leading, successful and innovative companies of the industry were brought together. As Alcoholoco Entertainment Services, we are happy to have participated in a fair at this level and of such quality. As a company that participated in a fair for the first time, we were unable to find a channel to express ourselves because there were not organizations at this level. However ACE of M.I.C.E. gave us this opportunity. B2B appointment system created the opportunity to contact with foreign companies. We think it is important that this system be developed even further to continue. It was an enjoyable organization that reminded the industry of one another and introduced new companies. We wish and expect that it continue developing further and raising the quality ever year.”

KAMİL BERK – Director of Gural Sapanca

“It is very promising for the start. Ace of Mice Exhibition achieved its goal to a large extent. The organization of a complete specialty fair character gathered all parties of the industry with the participation of all professional companies, hotels, technology companies providing services in the field of M.I.C.E. and M.I.C.E. buyers. Opportunities for potential business partnerships and cooperation were created with the gathering of professional corporate buyers and sellers, service providers and experts in the industry. Intensity and efficiency of panels and speeches, in which opportunities of M.I.C.E. industry were discussed, were also remarkable. Receiving great interest from important professional corporate buyers in the industry, the fair took a great step to overcome a great deficiency in Turkish M.I.C.E. tourism. I hope this fair will have a regional character and become an important fair and platform in international congress and meeting industry.”

BARIŞ ÖZÜREN – Corporate Services Director of Mika M.I.C.E

“It gave us hope to participate in ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition. It gave us a direction about our future to see that the industry is rapidly growing, feel that we can come together and understand its contribution to the country’s tourism. I sincerely congatulate Turizm Medya Grubu that has broken new ground. They have gained experience with this first attempt. It is a question of time to be more powerful and efficient now and we will always be proud to support them in this process as Mika M.I.C.E.”

YONCA BENLİ – Mustafa Nevzat Congress and Meeting Organization Expert

“Held for the first time this year, Ace of M.I.C.E. Exhibition was simply amazing. We had the opportunity to come together with many successful companies with this modern organization which suits Turkey. I congratulate everyone who contributed to this event, which has a rich program of seminars and will make a name for itself for many years, for it was carried out with an expected quality.”

NAZ KAVRAN – Member of Executive Board of Uru Group

“We need to come together to expand and develop the industry. We care about our relations and we think it is important to participate in such events to improve them and establish new relations. ACE of MICE Exhibition was a nice oppportunity to come together with the companies, with which we already work, and meet new companies. ACE of MICE Awards, held for the second time last year, and ACE of MICE Exhibition, held this year, created the missing platform to interpret the developments together, discuss the industrial problems and find solutions. As URU Group, we communicated that we are a group of companies which offers turnkey solutions with the advantage of being an equipped and unrivalled player of the event industry with our group of companies consisting of multipurpose event center KucukCiftlik Park, field management company Parkav, technical company 911 Music and backline company Adore Backline for the first time in this fair. It was quite an efficient fair for our company. We support such important organizations carried out by Turizm Medya Grubu on the industry’s behalf.”

HALİL İBRAHİM DEMİRCİ – Business Development Manager of KVK

“Really the best of the industry participated in ACE of MICE. We visited all stands which attracted our attention. We made one-to-one interviews and got opportunities to work together. I am looking forward to ACE of MICE Exhibition 2015 to spare more time to visit. I congratulate everyone who contributed to this delightfully prepared organization and thank them a lot on my behalf.”

TANSU KUMRU – Product Manager of Sisecam

“We were quite pleased with Ace of Mice event which we participated in as Trakya Cam marketing department. We had the opportunity to talk to companies which provides quality services in the industry and get information about the concent of their services with sample applications. Diversity and creativity of the opportunities provided by the companies impressed us. We had the opportunity to interview with every company for 15 minutes in interview section and we invited the firms, activity content of which we were interested in more detail, to our company. We are planning projects to improve our one-to-one relations and communications for architects, engineers and last users, who are our target group, and our customers by working with such companies in the upcoming events in this direction.”